219 E Poulin Street, St Joseph, MO

Voices of the Trails

Voices of the Trails

Learn about westward expansion through the unique views of the individuals who traveled the overland trails in the 19th century. Voices of the Trails at Robidoux Row Museum in St. Joseph, MO presents first hand accounts of those who headed west, many right through the heart of St. Joseph.

“The western trails movement helped build Saint Joseph by bringing commerce, resources, and people through the area.  The Voices of the Trail’s exhibit shows the prestige and importance of Saint Joseph as a hub for travelers and their dreams of a bright future.” 

Daniel Johnson, Executive Director of Robidoux Row Museum

Prior to the wagons west movement St. Joseph was a popular yet humble fur trading post founded by Joseph Robidoux. The gold rush, which began in 1848, changed the face of St. Joseph forever when it became one of the two important jumping off points (the other being Independence, MO) for trails such as the Oregon Trail. St. Joseph’s prime location at the bend in the Missouri River made it the perfectly suited for the hundreds of thousands of exploratory souls that passed through the city and outfitted their wagons for the long arduous journey.

The Voices of the Trails exhibit, unveiled in 2020, celebrates the stories of those who passed through St. Joseph during the exciting times of westward expansion.