219 E Poulin Street, St Joseph, MO

Convent of the Sacred Heart

Convent of the Sacred Heart

The beloved Convent of the Sacred Heart was an all-female Catholic school founded in 1853 on the hilltop at 12th and Messanie Street located in the busy heart of St. Joseph, MO. It has been said that the shining dome on top of the convent was a landmark for the steamboat captains navigating the Missouri River.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart still impacts our City today.  Many graduates of the school still live in our community and impact it on daily basis.  Its spirit lives on through Bishop Leblond High School and the continued education of Saint Joseph youths.

Daniel Johnson, Executive Director of Robidoux Row Museum

It was the first Catholic school in St. Joseph which created a lasting impact of over 100 years providing top-notch education until the final graduating class in 1960. The exhibit at Robidoux Row pays homage to all who walked the halls of this school and has carefully preserved a stunning altar piece and many important icons evoking memories of this well-loved part of religious and educational history in our community and ensuring that the spirit of the Convent of the Sacred Heart lives on in St. Joseph for many years to come.